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Clayre & Eef

Clayre & Eef - Statue monkey

Clayre & Eef - Statue monkey

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The main features of Clayre & Eef Animal Figurines
• For the true animal lover!
• Fun to combine with other figures • Adds atmosphere to your interior
• Suitable for any living space

• Unique design

Bring the beauty of nature indoors with our enchanting collection of animal sculptures. From majestic lions to adorable rabbits, each figure is lovingly crafted and captures the essence of the animal kingdom. With attention to detail and craftsmanship, these figurines are the perfect way to enrich your interior with charm and character.

Polyresin, a durable synthetic resin!
Polyresin is a synthetic material composed of a mixture of resins, hardeners and other additives.
It is used for casting objects with complex shapes, such as decorative figures, sculptures and household decorations.
While polyresin shares similar properties with some plastics, such as durability and malleability, it is important to emphasize that polyresin is technically not the same as conventional plastic.
Rather, it is a specific type of synthetic resin material used for decorative and craft applications.

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